Kladno is a city in a Czech Republic, located 25 km from the Czech capital city of Prague. The municipality aims to raise Kladno’ s attractiveness and create its own set of niche-strengths. An existing good example is the e-bike sharing scheme at which Kladno is forerunner in the Czech Republic, being the first municipality in the country to start e-bike sharing in 2018. Kladno has an already agreed Strategy of Sustainable Development 2014-2020, and a Sustainable Mobility Plan currently being finalized, and Program for Regional Development 2014-2020 already in place.  The city defines mobility, building sector and air quality as its core priority areas.

The Sustainable Mobility Plan intends to grow the cycling infrastructure, putting emphasis on the importance to diversity fuels and make public transportation 100% renewable in the close future (2030). Visions for e-mobility include introducing electric taxi services for senior citizens, installing a demand based charging station network in residential areas, upscaling cycling infrastructure, and reducing combustion vehicles with 50% by 2030. Additionally, the Program for the Regional Development for Central Bohemian Region (2014-2020) sets ambitious goals for the energy consumption decrease and RES increase.