Lviv, Ukraine, is an ever-growing city: the greater Lviv agglomeration has approximately 1,229,000 inhabitants. In 2011, the Lviv city council approved the “Program of Sustainable Energy Development in Lviv till 2020” (SEAP). Its main goals include a reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption (both by 20%) and increased share of renewables in city energy balance (20% by 2020). Lviv is a working environment for 25% of all Ukrainian ICT specialists and the IT sector is continuously attracting new businesses and professionals, including a vivid start-up culture. That in turn, poses a great opportunity for further development of the city set within a strong local innovation ecosystem.

Through the planned programs and actions the city aims to increase the motivation and skills of employees, increase the effectiveness of communication between Lviv municipal enterprises and municipal objects and also with municipal heating enterprises, create a system which will help to understand real energy consumption of every building online, increase of electrical mobility share, decrease the congestion and develop the cycling infrastructure.