Kifissia is a city in Greece located 12 km northeast of Athens. Kifissia is characterized by the Mediterranean Climate, the so called “Csa Hot-Dry Summer. The city has adopted SEAP in 2015 through which the municipality of Kifissia identifies appropriate and tailor-made activities to be implemented until 2020 and 2030 for safeguarding the natural environment, promoting energy-friendly urban development and ensuring quality of life. Activities aim at improving social and economic well-being of inhabitants while enhancing local economy and employment conditions as side impacts of the energy and environment-relevant interventions.

The vision of the Municipality of Kifissia is to enhance the competitiveness of the local economy, reinforce social cohesion and promote environmental protection through a variety of measures and intervention areas identified in the SEAP. 40% of CO2 reduction is the key core objectives that the city of Kifissia tries to achieve until 2030.